Spay / Neuter

Article de blogue La stérilisation, c'est aussi pour les lapins!

Spay and Neuter is for Rabbits, Too!

    When I was a child, my parents didn’t especially want the responsibility of a cat or a dog, but they did allow me to have a rabbit as a pet. My first rabbit was a gentle, affectionate female, but when she reached sexual maturity, at around the age…

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Article de blogue Pourquoi nous ne faisons pas les dégriffages

Why We Do Not Declaw Cats

At the Clinique vétérinaire des petits animaux de l’Estrie, we do not declaw cats. This has been our policy from the very start of the clinic, back in 2002. Calling the procedure a declaw is actually a misnomer, since it involves the outright amputation of the last phalanx (one of…

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Article de blogue Devrais-je faire stériliser mon chien? Pourquoi? Quand?

Should I have my dog sterilized?

In this post, we answer the questions we hear most often from our clients: Should I have my dog sterilized? Why? and When?   Why should I have my dog spayed or neutered? Canada’s shelters are filled with dogs and cats that have been abandoned because of overpopulation, unwanted litters,…

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